$850,000 / 4br - 365m2 - Modern Two Story House/Recording Studio (San Miguel de Allende)

The house was lovingly built with great attention to detail. Sensitive to noise, and seeking quiet and tranquility, I chose the exact location within a small hillside canyon where I heard the least noise, to build the house. The entire road of the property has been cobblestoned, providing easy and comfortable access. The surroundings are as quiet as would hope where the only sound one hears is that of a hummingbird's wings and the cooing of doves. The road is a dead-end so there is absolutely no passage of cars or strangers at any time.
There is a shared thermal spring well and a very large pond, which has a pump and waterfall feeding it. The perimeter of the pond has "Rainbird" water systems that hide beneath the ground until the water is turned on and which ensures even and consistent watering of the grass and plants. Trees and "cattail" plants surround the pond. Near the terrace is a large fountain which is on an automatic timer, with a separate storage area.
There is a very large chicken coop with three separate "rooms", an additional closed-in area for sheep or burros, a large vegetable garden, and a complete composting center. Next to the chicken coop is another storage building/area (5m. x 6m.) with the tools and equipment for gardening and upkeep of the property.
In addition to the small forest of Mezquite and Huizache trees (more than enough to supply the firewood for the use of a family every year, and beyond) I planted an additional 600 trees, some for shade, and others for their fruit (peach, plum, fig, apricot, apple, pear, olive, and lime).
The electrical power lines are all buried underground and there are no visible cables or transformer within 500 meters. The house has two separate electric lines making it ready for any professional equipment which requires 220 volts. There are two voltage regulators and a (Swedish) water softener at the entrance of the house. A garage to shelter a car is in front of the house, next to the outdoor grill. The parking lot for the recording studio easily accommodates ten cars.
The 26,000-liter cistern is at the top of the property ensuring that there is water and water pressure without using hydropneumatic pumps. So, even without electricity, there is water. Before entering the cistern, the water is filtered.
The walls are double thickness and the direction the house faces (south, south-east; with an endless view unobstructed by other homes or lights) make it warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
The floor is Spanish ceramic tile and the tile in the master bathroom is from Italy. The doors are all solid wood (pine) and some are antique cedar and Mezquite (the large entry doors are very old Mezquite). The kitchen has a Corian counter, white lacquer cabinets with chrome Italian handles, and more than enough space for even the most demanding of chefs. There is a pantry adjoining the kitchen with many rows of shelves.
The living room has a specially designed fireplace from which smoke never enters the room and is wired for surround sound, all hidden within the walls. The cabinets for the entertainment center and the railing are cedar. Skylights and floor to ceiling windows ensure that there is always light in the house. The outdoor terraces are very, very large, and connect from the kitchen and dining room to the living room. The master bedroom has its own, private terrace, as well. The master bathroom has a jacuzzi and walk-in closet with many options. The second bedroom upstairs also has a walk-in closet.
The lower level of the house has its own separate entrance and loading dock. There is a small kitchen area, a full bathroom, a large tape library/tools shed (or wine storage center) that is constantly cool (as it is embedded in solid rock), as well as a room which can be used for guests or a live-in maid, and a hall with a seating area. The recording studio consists of a control room with an adjoining tape/equipment library and faces the four separate rooms for recording. There is complete visibility with all the rooms and the control room and all the rooms are separated by double panes of glass of different thickness (for further sound insulation). The entire recording studio has been soundproofed with professional baffling specific to low, mid, and high frequencies, and has a separate power line(nothing else in the house in on this line/circuit) and 5KW regulator for the power. The doors of the studio rooms are filled with studio-grade Fiberglass. Almost every single switch for the lights has a dimmer on it, though I've recently replaced the halogens with LED lights and pay less than 500 pesos electricity a month.
This house is perfect for the person who wants a quality residence in the country and perfect for an artist or musician or health spa. There is ample space for horses and animals and, as the road leading to the property is a dead-end, there is never traffic or foreign cars or noise.


Photos at:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-62jgBNd-TYdVpPcE85MFNHa1U

For Sale:House with 24,568 m2 land:  $850,000 US Dollars

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