introduction to the combative systems (san miguel de allende)

Teaching method " Remote Lessons "
In which with the use of "Superprof" and Skype platform or any other video call platform will be needed, that way the written material from my Instagram page, such as WODs ( routines ) and technique pointers will be overwatched by me, adding corrections, safety guidelines, and motivation during the sessions. Getting the most out every session (without getting a bus ride or paying for gas or any other problem of attending a public space). Schedule your sessions in 5 or 10 ( getting special discounts per period ) or just by day, only the days you are sure you'll have the time ( understand that this is a process that will not only give you body but also mind strength... and it demands discipline and consistency or else it won't achieve its purpose )

Now depending on your own progress, the content of the session will specialize. Going from an hour of only two exercises with no limit ,nor cut ..... to… incorporating a 2 or 3 hour system (you only pay when ever you want me to be there … example the technique work out so you’d be sure you are doing it right… while the cardio session is not only straight forward but you’ll be more experienced by that time at your cardio technique so you can go at it by yourself…. or pay all of theme if you so desire , all the info will be in the instagram page for you to study it at any time ), performing cardiovascular training in the mornings to ensure fat usage , a mid-day strength workout for specific muscle groups and a night technique workout (guards, footwork, tackles, takedowns and chokes, kicks and punches, crawls and weapons ) the last two will start with just a light warm-up. Creating a Bushi/Warrior ,that will take its own path, now strong and brave, whit WILL POWER!.
clinical nutrition assessment will also be provided in the form of BMI and BMR calculations and followup.
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