**** FOR SALE - things and multimedia - Ecology Productions - $1,300,000 (San Miguel de Allende, GTO)

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Peace <3 health and wellness all,

We have VERY URGENT HEALTH FINANCIAL EMERGENCIES. Please help/support fundraisers, donate, contact me, share my posts and/or buy my life's works (copyrighted multimedia) and things. My mother, Susan's health and everything is getting worse. She'll be dying VERY soon, in pain, with no $, no family, friends and peaceful ecobioindihealthty place to live and die. Me too. FB/Meta and many deleting/disappearing/censoring/blocking and violating me and us isn't helping. No one really is helping in good ways. Bindi, Uma and I have been, done and given all we could to stay alive and help many. Please contact me directly ASAP, thank you in advance.

Please be so kind, respectful and compassionate as to contact me or Susan (my mom) ASAP. It's urgent - all 4 of our incomes $ health benefits etc have been completely cut and ALL our rights have been completely violated.

Please help/assist/support my/our ecobioindi family of four to survive, it's urgent. We need my life's works to sell & fundraisers to make money so my/our family of four can live, be healthy and have a place to live.
My/our Life's Works, Services and many things are for sale.
Ecology Productions, Oak 5 Productions, Kirsten's Photos.

Please contact me directly if you are interested and/or have any questions.
Thank you for at the very least viewing my online presence.

All is for sale - we have many more archives/multimedia and things for sale as well. Please contact me or Susan directly asap. All our personal health care and financial benefits have been completely cut as we suspected they would be and we can't afford to live or die here.

**** Facebook/Meta (they, like many, illegally deleted/hacked closed many of our accounts that we've had for over 20 years) one still kinda works - we have several as you will see on all 4 of my websites. Please see my websites (all 4) and you will clearly see that FB/Meta deleted almost all my FB/Meta personal pages, community pages and personal accounts. I still have access to some of them, but they have completely deleted many of my main personal FB/Meta pages/accounts, over 10 personal pages, over 25 community pages and 100s of 1000s of my personal copyrighted personal multimedia and more as well as illegally preventing me from contacting my family, friends, framily and people whom i know personally and met in real life :( I am owed a lot of $ and apologies, not only from Facebook/Meta.

You may share this with people whom you know well personally and can trust with our lives, legacies and all i/we have lived for. I/we have rights to many things in this life - ecologically healthy, affordable, safe/peaceful/non-violent, affordable, pleasant and ecologically/economically sustainable place to live (for what little bit of life i/we may have left). I/we are passing on/transitioning/dying with dignity/peace as is respectfully and humbly humanly possible, of natural causes. Where we are now in SMA GTO MX, there is absolutely no way to do a Natural Burial and/or live naturally, sustainably, ecobio-friendly, holistically, organically, integrally healthy, peace ❤ ingly and in all ways i/we need to live.
We've experienced better.

Peace ❤ and breathing...
Peace pacificamos namaste paz paix fred rouipaig (Huichol) jets' óolal (Mayan) yocoxca (Aztec) mir frieden pace pacem pax salam shalom ommmm....
All my/our ecobioindi family of four's life's works, services, legacies, copyrighted multimedia archives and almost all my/our worldly material possessions for sale, fair trade, equal pay, equal exchange, clean green eco bio indi seed money, barter - Ecology Productions, Oak 5 Productions, Kirsten's Photos. Please contact me/us directly and in truly healthy peaceful respectful ways, especially if i/we know you personally.
Please make me/us peace ing respectful offers - all legally and in all ways honestly and truthfully reasonably assessed at value(s) over $1,300,000 USD - $13,000,000 USD (united states dollars).
All rights local indigenous indigenas inuits aborigines natives indians ingenamos sentients sacreds multiuniversals multiculturals spiritual ecology organic holistic sustainable natural ecological biological international universal rights reserved until it all sells. Thank you.
Peace pacficamos pompelegoche paz paix namaste rouipaig frieden fred omanipudmiom namyhorengekyo a ha a ho omateo ommmm salam shalom pace pacem pax awomen algbt biodiversity local indigenous indigenas inuits aboriginies native sentients sacreds organic ecology biology friendly sustainable wisdoms and respect for interconneted(s) webs of all life peace be we inner peace we be.

Sent to my personal email list as well as on social media people whom i know personally and on several places online including FB/Meta/Linked In.

Please contact me directly. Thank you.

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