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remuneración: We will be raising the money to be well paid.

My team is looking for someone who is passionate about helping tweens and teens to understand who they are. This workshop kicks-off in a one school day "happening". The student will learn who they are; they will be able to answer the all-important "WHO AM I????" question; we will play games that will help them understand that it is the invisible things in life that they will learn to value over the visible things that they might aspire to own. Does this make sense to you?

The student will begin to know what their strengths are; they will learn about developing a life plan and, they will learn how to create their own support system to achieve the goals that they create. Ideally this person will become a co-workshop leader. Yes, this will develop into a well-paid position.

I would love to do this workshop in orphanages also. Are you 100% bilingual? You don't need to be...what is your Spanish speaking level?

If this deeply resonates with you, then please write to us and explain why it resonates with you and include your CV.
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